Hi, I'm Vona

I am a writer

The beginning

I was born in America’s bicentennial year, six months before Jimmy Carter was elected president. In other words, I’m getting old and have gray hair.

I was an imaginative kid, inventing stories and scenarios that sometimes got me into trouble. I had to learn that making up a story about someone and repeating it as truth wasn’t something those around me always enjoyed, especially if it involved (as it often did) someone getting eaten by a bear.

Personal bits

How do you pronounce your name? V-AW-N-AH. It rhymes with Donna. The ‘o’ in my name can be hard to pronounce if you aren’t a native American English speaker. This might help. I do not pronounce it like this, but don’t worry, I answer to anything that comes close.

Where do you live? I live with my husband and children in the western United States near some very lovely mountains.

Hobbies? Reading and napping. Does that sound boring? Never fear, I also enjoy reading and napping while camping in adventuresome places.

Likes/Dislikes? I love dark chocolate — especially the ridiculously expensive kind with little toffee bits inside. I greatly dislike spiders who wander inside instead of staying outside in the garden where they belong.

Outgoing or shy? I am pretty shy. Crowds make me very nervous, though I do enjoy a close circle of friends, and love to make them laugh.

Is that photo of the girl with the book really you? Nope (see aforementioned shyness). But I have brown hair, brown eyes, and bangs (fringe) like she does.