Joined Twitter, now need a nap

Joined Twitter, now need a nap

Every book I read on the craft of writing — well, at least books written recently, I do peruse some old ones — says that there’s no way around it. Writers who want to be authors, must be online and not only online, but engaged. Some say you must be MORE than engaged, but actually, full on, hustling.

So… I’m online. Check. I even like writing here even though nobody reads it. But how do you go from hanging out your virtual shingle to engaged? At first I was like, “Okay, so I’ll write back when someone writes to me. I’ll respond if anyone comments.”

And then I patted myself on the back for being so amazing at this writer / author / business thing.

But no. There is more required of you.

Oh yes. Much more.


Please be sure to say “Social Media” aloud like an announcer for an old horror movie: Sociaallll MEDIAHHHHHHH; it’s really important to this post that you audibly capture my fear and terror.

And because I’m a closet writer, I have to start from SCRATCH with this whole social-ness of the media-ness.

(Not that I have a huge network of personal friends to force bribe beg to follow me should I to go public with this little habit of mine, anyway. #hermit #agoraphobic #introverted ← look ma, I learned how to hashtag.)

What I’m saying is, it’s super intimidating.

I successfully set up my very own Twitter account. This felt momentous, so I paused and celebrated with a chocolate bar. Next, I ‘followed’ all the authors whose books I enjoy, then added people whose websites I’ve found helpful. A few follows came in, so I followed people back if it looked like they were fellow wanna-be writers or authors and not spammers.

Then I clicked around a bit more… and became instantly overwhelmed.

I don’t know how these people are doing it. They are, as one book on writing said I ought, HUSTLING. They have daily graphics and images, they are networking, and retweeting, they have fajillions of followers, and some seem to post every few minutes.

So I closed my browser and am contemplating ice cream. And then I’m going to fire up my Self Control app (it is the beeeessst) so I don’t wander back over there to see if anyone has replied.

(Oooh, someone just did! Guys, I just conversated on Twitter. I think this means I have arrived.)

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  • Hahaha! Okay, I loved this. Seriously, I’m still slowly warming up to Twitter–I agree, it is super overwhelming. (And I’m with you on Facebook. Just not going there at all!) What’s helped me a TON with Twitter is using Hootsuite. (I know, I know, another thing to learn!) But it’s actually fairly straightforward to figure out, and they have a basic starter level that is FREE, and that’s what I’ve been using. Here’s what’s great about it: You can schedule your posts to Twitter (and upload images, and shorten your links). Meaning: I can sit down and create a series of tweets (with images! with links!) that will then automatically post during the day, without me having to always be on Twitter! Wahoo! And then I can just check in now and then, respond to some people (like this girl who liked my bangs ;)) and then just get on with my work. This has pretty much saved my sanity. 🙂 Other than that, I’ve just started by figuring out who I’d like to get to know better (usually people who are a few steps further down the writing path than me, and who are totally awesome), and then I try to check out what they post, and respond back, and slowly build those relationships. It’s been working okay so far! … Sorry for the epically long comment, haha! But anyway, good luck with Twitter!! It really can be fun after you adjust a bit. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you for this comment! I don’t know why I didn’t get a notice that it had come through. Anyway! I will totally look at Hootsuite… anything to help. I kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while just because it was so overwhelming. I think this will help though. I like the idea of scheduling out the posts.

      Anyway, thank you!!

  • This is exactly how I feel. But I actually really hate social media. I have a twitter but I only use it to follow some of my favorite authors. No one follows me, it’s private. I would tweet but it feels weird speaking to yourself on the Internet. I also am pursuing being a published writer but I guess I won’t be online. Oh by the way I found you through the question you asked Shannon Hale so maybe your social media will reach people.

    • Ugh, do you do Facebook? I was ambivalent towards Twitter so I tried that, but I have full on loathing for Facebook. I just… I don’t really want to connect with all those people from my past, you know? Bleh.

      Thanks for commenting, it makes me feel a little less silly over here talking to myself 🙂

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