Blog maintenance

I’ve been having some problems with the blog and I think I’ve fixed most of them. If anyone is subscribed to the feed (hahahah) you might have a barrage of posts come through all at once. The feed should be working properly now, and posts that weren’t showing up should all be showing up now.

I went ahead and removed the featured picture thing because it was giving me stress. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, WordPress has a ‘featured image’ you can add for each post, and in the theme I’m using it seemed like it was a super important part of posting, as it made kind of a banner for each post. It totally stressed me out. I am good with the Photoshop, but it was an extra step, so lots of times I wanted to share, and didn’t because I didn’t have the energy to make a graphic. So I watched Poldark instead.

POLDARK! E’erybody I follow on Instagram has been swooning over this show so I finally started watching it. It’s a period drama based on the books by Winston Graham. I’m trying to decide if I should read ahead, because the series is STRESSFUL. I want happy endings for these people and terrible things keep happening instead.

Anyway, current problems with the blogge:

  • Weirdly, the comments links on the home page just take you to the individual post, rather than bouncing you down to the comment section. The comment links on the individual post page, however, take you to the proper place. As no one comments, this is not a big deal, but it bothers me because I want everything to be tidy. So I will try to figure this out.
  • Actually that is it. I just fixed the footer issue that was driving me to drink, so all’s well except for the comment link. Eventually I will do something interesting with the side bar, but my energy is spent, and Ross Poldark is in JAIL, so I’ll see you later.
Finally! The glorious slow season!

It is finally, gloriously slow at work, freeing up hours upon hours of writing time for me. Hooray for no overtime! My bank account shall suffer, but my itch to write will be satisfied.

I am hard at work revising my WIP and being BRAVE and sharing chapters in my writer’s group. This is a BIG DEAL for me and I am equal parts terrified and excited. Two such volatile emotions are colliding and giving me regular headaches so I’m self medicating with dark chocolate. Since I’ve used up all my energy by being social with other writers, I’m just popping in to link to my favorite chocolate bars. I may not be verbose in the way of blogging (and am utterly failing at Twitter, by the by), but chocolate makes everything better, yes?

Try my favorites:

Should you be a dark chocolate newbie, try Ghirardelli Dark & Caramel.

The chocolate isn’t all that dark, and the caramel sweetens it substantially. If you’re reluctant to leave your milk chocolate behind, this is a good place to test the waters. It’s also readily available almost anywhere, even when you live in the sticks. So this often ends up being my go-to chocolate when I don’t want to wait for a shipment.

Green & Blacks is a wonderful dark chocolate that I have to order in. Oh the pitfalls of living in rural farmland.

This “library” of chocolate comes in a fun gift box (to give yourself, of course!) and includes Pure Dark Roasted Almond, Pure Dark Chocolate Raspberry & Hazelnut, Pure Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, and Pure Dark Chocolate. They’re all 70% cocoa. The Sea Salt is my fave. Insert heart-eye emoticon.

Chocolove Almonds Seasalt in Dark Chocolate. All the Chocolove bars are marvelous. Try Chillies and Cherries if you are feeling adventurous!