Book report: Write Faster, Write Smarter Series

Book report: Write Faster, Write Smarter Series

I recently listened to this entire series by Chris Fox on Audible. The books are short, and I found myself wishing they were all one volume with different sections, but they are easily digestible as is. I like Chris’s voice, and I think he gives some valuable advice.

Start with 5,000 Words Per Hour. I can already write that easy, but not on the regular. Chris details how you can start practicing writing more per day with writing sprints. A good friend put his exercises to use and is now writing 14,000 words in three days.

I’m already a very fast writer, but I don’t have a regular writing habit in place. I’d like to have one, so I took quite a few notes during Write Faster Every Day. Chris recommends practicing writing sprints, which I have yet to try. What I’m trying now, is his advice to set up your writing space (for me, that’s my office), to be 100% ready to go in the morning. For me, that means closing all other apps and programs and opening Scrivener to the project / chapter / scene I want to work on. Then, the next morning, I sit right down and get to work.

In actuality it’s a bit harder being a parent and a wife and having a day job, but I really like the concept.

I REALLY liked Write to Market. I think it’s a concept that rubs a lot of authors the wrong way, but this book has some very, very good advice. Chris details how to study the market to not only find a niche to write in that is popular and doing well, but ALSO how to find one that you will enjoy writing in. It’s not about selling out — I can’t write erotica without laughing my head off, and don’t enjoy reading it for the same reasons, so even though that’s a hot market, I’m not about to try to break into it.

Launch to Market is putting the cart before the horse for me, as I’m not anywhere near launching anything, but it was still a fascinating listen. I’ll listen to it again when I’m closer to the publishing end goal.

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