Book report: Screenwriting Tricks for Authors

Book report: Screenwriting Tricks for Authors

Story Structure Basics: How to write better books by learning from the movies by Alexandra Sokoloff.

Auuggghh! This was amazing! It has changed the way I view movies, forever. I have been obsessively watching everything in my Amazon Prime video library with a notebook and pen. I’ve only got a few minutes, so this will be short. (I am waiting for a doctor appointment and typing this on my phone… have you tried blogging on your phone? It’s awful. I’m not a very good texter so this is miserable. If there are any misspellings this is why.)

It’s classic three act, eight sequence stuff, but I always love it when I can put some writing tools to practical use. Wait, that’s wrong, but this typing screen on my phone is tiny. I mean, you know how lots of books on craft use examples from movies or books you’ve never read? Well, Sokoloff does that too, but in this case it’s very easy to take what she teaches and watch something you enjoy instead. It’s really fun, though I’m driving my husband mad. Something happens generally every 15 minutes in an adult movie. And you can almost set your watch to the structure.

I also picked up STEALING HOLLYWOOD: Story Structure Secrets for Writing Your BEST Book, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

Typing a blog post on a phone is now something I will add to my resume, and hopefully never do again. Now, for my yearly checkup. Even more fun. Today is shaping up to require chocolate.

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