Another Nanowrimo in the books.

Another Nanowrimo in the books.

Hooray! I revised almost 80K words, and I’m pretty thrilled about it. This was the second major revision on one of my WIPs, and I’ve (daringly, for me) read pieces to my teen boys (it’s a middle grade fantasy novel), and so far the response has been good. I know I need to find a critique group made up of members who did not issue forth from my loins, but one step at a time y’all.

I’m grateful for the focused writing time I got in November, because December is pretty crazy at work. I was listening to a podcast this morning while I worked, and it was one of those “no excuses, you can always wake up at 4:00am to write before the kids get up if it means that much to you,” and I was like, hey, wait a minute. My book(s) mean an awful lot to me, but let’s be reasonable.

Remember when Tyra Banks asked an ANTM contestant if keeping her baby was more important than her modeling career?

Sometimes, just sometimes, givers of writing advice can be like that.

I’m not someone who can get up at 4am on the regular and live to tell about it. I wish I were, honestly, but I’m not.

What I can do is work towards life balance. For me, that means I get to write like mad during slower periods (my day job work is seasonal), and less during months like December when all the shizz hits all the fans. It’s a hard transition from all the writing in November, to much less in December, but the holiday season will end, and January should afford a lot more writing time once again. (I hope I didn’t just jinx it by saying so.)

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