Monthly Archives: Dec 2016

And I in my kerchief

Nanowrimo kicked my can. I made my goal, but it was like pulling teeth. I do NOT like month long writing sprints when things go bananas at work. As I’m sure I’ve stated bemoaned previously, the holiday season is also very busy, so now that Christmas is upon us, it is finally winding back down. I’m so tired, but huzzah!

There’s a lovely fire roaring in the grate and we’ve just finished putting packages under the tree. Our kids are getting older, but Christmas is still a Big Deal, and I can hear them giggling downstairs. They like to have a big sleepover in the playroom, even though my big boys are man-sized now.

I’m making some goals for the coming year. I know, look at me, it’s not even New Year’s yet. I thought I’d jot them down before December gets away from me completely. I’ve been aiming for a once-a-month-at-least post over here, and I’ve done pretty well with that this year. I’ve still no idea whatsoever as to how to grow my blog, but I’m also too busy/tired to really figure it out. It probably involves clicking over from my feedreader and actually commenting on other writerly person’s blog affairs, but see also: introvert. So. Goals:

2017 Writer Goals

  1. Attend a real, in person, writer’s conference. Eeks! Preferably one within driving distance and that does not cost a million dollars to attend.
  2. Work on establishing writer habits that make sense for my lifestyle. I would like to write every day, and am so far failing in this. Instead I write in huge, productive bursts, but then nothing for quite a long while (usually because I’m chewing on something that needs improving / fixing).
  3. I started this blog because I was eventually going to quit closet writing and publish something, or explore traditional publishing. Honestly, I have a few books that I think I could move forward on, but I am MIRED in old habits of writing, revising, editing, finishing, and stuffing it in a file. I need to do some soul searching this coming year and decide what I really want to do. Leave a pile of stories for my progeny to discover on an ancient hard drive? Or actually find the, and I’m sorry, balls, to follow through with putting something (preferably somethings) out there. If I’m going to stick with the status quo, there’s probably no point in continuing this blog.
  4. Should I decide to s*** or get off the pot, so to speak, I need to pick ONE book in ONE genre and FOCUS on getting it ready. I jump around from project to project a lot. So.

Not bad, not bad. I wonder what’s holding me back from exploring publishing? It’s a little bit fear, but I think it’s moreso a question of why fix what ain’t broke. I’ve been writing novels for YEARS and stuffing them away unread. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, really. What do I want to accomplish by doing things differently? Ugghhhh. I don’t know? Well, I’ve liked getting better. Writing with publishing in mind changes things a bit, and I’ve spent a lot of time over the past two years improving in ways I wasn’t when I was writing for myself. Not that I haven’t improved over the years, but it was more focused improvement, and that’s been fun to see. My boys really, really want to see a series I’ve been working on in book-form, even just e-book form. That might be my biggest motivator, actually. When I look back on why I started this blog, my then 12 year old was a big part in the inkling to think about publishing.

I don’t want fame or my face on a book jacket. I don’t want to make appearances or do signings. So, I think I’m missing the usual motivators. Anyway, I’ll have to poke at some of these thoughts and see what churns up.

Meanwhile, Happy Christmas (or whatever you celebrate), and Happy New Year.