The Lost Emerald of Briarwood Paperback Book StackHey! Hi, hello. I’m really glad you’re here.

You’ve reached the home of Vona Stewart, author of The Shadow Sovereign Series. The first book in the series, The Lost Emerald of Briarwood is coming soon. Read about the entire series plan and see release dates here.

About Book One: The Lost Emerald of Briarwood

Hayden used to bail on the foster care system to run away with his sister Seraphina (Sera) all the time. But they were trying to be good; trying to ignore the incessant, tugging connection in their chests that made it physically painful to be apart.

For months, they’d stayed put, going to school and living in their separate placements. Until one night, Hayden got a mysterious text from his sister. She was in trouble.

Running away one more time, just to make sure she was okay, Hayden discovers Sera being kidnapped by goblins.

Hayden follows them through a portal and finds himself lost in an unstable world seething with political unrest. He will brave dragons, flesh-eating pegasi, tarantula fairies, carnivorous mushrooms, and his own inability to trust in order to save his sister before a desperate, power hungry tyrant drains her of her life force and kills her.

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